Mevie – Howard County Conservatory

Mt. Pleasant, a 300-year-old farm located in Western Howard County now protected by Conservancy is a fantastic location for outdoor portraits with a classic country quality. Complete with rolling hills, historic buildings, a barn, four miles of walking trails and butterfly gardens the farm has an abundance of rustic charm and picturesque backdrops.

So, when Mevie wanted to have her Senior Portraits taken at the Conservatory, I jumped at the chance. Our early Summer session began around 4 pm, and we spent the next three hours chasing the light and exploring the grounds. Speaking of ground, Mevie was open to all possibilities and happily sat in the high grass and wheat so we could capture some truly beautiful shots with a romantic feel.



However, my favorite shots of the day were almost missed. Thinking the light for the day was finished; we figured we would pack up. Just as we rounded the corner on a footpath near the community garden, we stumbled upon a park bench that just happened to be bathed in the most glorious patch of receding late day sun. Working quickly, we snapped as many shots as we could with golden light streaming through my lovely model’s golden hair. Sometimes you just get lucky!


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