Amanda – Sandy Point Senior Portrait

I was absolutely thrilled to secure my photo permit to photograph at
Sandy Point! With its miles of sandy beaches, jetty rocks, secluded walkways, wooded areas and of course majestic view of the Chesapeake Bay and Bridge, this was the absolute perfect location for my beach-loving high school senior client Amanda.


Just outside Annapolis, Maryland, and 786-acres, this place is a professional photographer’s dream. The park’s variety allowed me the opportunity to capture Amanda among many natural backdrops while exploring different moods, lighting, and camera angles. After all, every girl loves variety, especially when it comes to her senior portraits.

Flip flops were a must on this shoot as we scrambled on breaker walls or abandoned the footwear all together, to capture the perfect shot in knee deep water. The park’s north side offers the prettiest glimpse of the Bridge and the Bay it spans.

As the Golden Hour approached, we made our way to the dirt path just above the north side beach.  I don’t think Amanda’s white shorts will be the same, but she agreed; that battling a little dirt was worth it after she viewed the shots.

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